DULIST “Izložba ‘Oceani’ otvara se i u samostanu na Lopudu”

DUBROVNIK TV “Samostan Gospe od Špilice započinje novi život”

TOTAL CROATIA NEWS “OCEANS: “Imagining a Tidalectic Worldview”

                 O GLOBO "Curador francês lista as mulheres mais importantes da arte contemporânea carioca"



                 BBC NEWS "Photographing the female body"

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                 THE TELEGRAPH  " The Whitechapel Gallery's all female exhibit is a quiet, intelligent protest"  by Alastair Sooke

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                 THE UPCOMING: "Terrains of The Body at Whitechapel" by Anna Souter

                 ARTFUND: "Terrains of The Body" 

                SELECT: "Individual Pássaro Que Me Engoliu" by Paula Alzugaray

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                Interview with Mayra Garcia for Nuevo New York 

               Luste: "Mulheres na Arte" by Adriana Varejao

2015      Elle Decor: "True Calling" by Julia Reed

                FFWMAG: "Fantastica, Mitologica, Ficcional: Janaina Tschape" by Marcos Guinoza

                The New York Times Style Magazine: " A Picture and A Poem" by Stephen Burt and Janaina Tschape

2014      The Huffington Post: "10 Radical Women Video Artists You Should Know" by Priscilla Frank 

                 Interview with Arrive Smart Talk 

                 South China Morning Post: "Arts Preview: Contemplating Landscape melds colours and shapes" by Vanessa Yung

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                 Interview with Joe Fig 

                 Turn on Art: "Janaina Tschape: No Limits" by Ares Casado

                 Select Magazine: "Imagens dos Seres Originais" by Guilherme Kujawski

                 Forward: "The Wonder Women of Video" by Menachem Wecker 

2013       Bamboo: "Janaina Tschape: Atelie da Comida" by Luiza Costa

                 O Globo: "O Lucrativo Negocio da Arte Brasileira" by Audrey Furlaneto

                 Vogue Brasil: "Parceria Preciosa" by Silvia Rogar 

2012       Rubin Museum of Art: Janaina Tschape  Artists on Art

                 The Painting Imperative: "Brazil, Water, and Artists Who Do It All" by Erin Tracey 

                 Interview with Marc Pottier 

                 Registro Arte: "A Poetica dos Mares" by Jeff Ares

2011        Annual Magazine: "Janaina Tschape" by Damien Sausset

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                 Select Magazine: "Janaina Tschape: Entre Mundos" by Paula Alzugaray

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2010       Airborne for TAM: "Bela Sobre Tela" by Tania Menai 

                  Annual Magazine: "Janaina Tschape

2009      Manhattan Magazine: "When Fashion Imitates Art" by Rachel Wolff

                  Art News: "Where Women Are The Majority" by Hilarie M. Sheets

                  Das Arts: "Resenhas e Criticas Exposicoes

2008      The Dubliner: "Oddbod shows at IMMA shocker" by Anne Iremonger

                 Excerpt from Photo Art in the 21st Century

                 Excerpt from Art Now 3

2007      Interview with Joanna Kim 

2003      Art News:  "Putting Guts on the Outside" by Linda Yablonsky