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 Movement and transition are core issues in Tschape's works, exactly as they are in her approach towards the medias in which she is working. This becomes visible in “the cut out piece”. It contains a visual complexity even though the form in itself is very simple. The founding principle in the work is transition between opposites: Light against darkness, internal against external. The surface is lifted out from the wall and out in the open space, it is neither painting nor sculpture, as well as the idea about front and back, fades into the unknown. The two sides, the one being black, the other one white, meanders in and out between each other – in one moment it is a hidden inner, and immediately after it is a visible outer. As the forms meanders playfully between each other, the work wrench itself free of established conventions, and is to be found in a transition between spheres. 
 Sway  Acrylic on watercolor paper  60x40x16.5"/152x102x42 cm